Take me home

The tide came along
Brought a rare thing in a shell
But I didn’t know
It would take a heartbeat to leave
Now that it’s gone
I feel nothing at all
I hope the tide can return to this island
Once again

But the winds are changing
And I will keep waiting
Until your boat takes me home
Can I please dive into this ocean with you?

Breach of trust

I wonder how rigid the mind can be
Open up to a picture that speaks differently
When I showed it they shunned me down
Never opened up that door again
It was true
What I knew a lie
I care too much
I can’t speak a word
It was true
When I saw the other side
But I loved them so
And now I know it was just a mask

Cause now I’m on the crossroads of life
And it’s just the road, the dust and me
Atleast betrayal isn’t something I’ll face
Every question haunted with a why that leads to them


It doesn't feel like a year to be cherished
Want to either go back or forward in time
It isn't fun anymore all the things that I loved
It feels forced contradictory to the way it was
Life relies on paper portraits
Assess the rank before trusting
What was life before all the knowledge?
Genius is a common uniqueness
Wonder if god really planned it this way?
Does life feel like life if being first is the motive?


Put my head up to the raining skies
A little kid inside a grown up awoke
Stay that same cheeky kid, please don't grow up

Take my umbrella and revisit those memories
Playing in the rain and go home wet to mum's worry
Missing the ones who'd squeal with the same joy as I did
Please stay the same and never grow up


Friendships are tough to handle when your friends are fake :<<
Tired red eyes
And a mind that's older than the bearer
Cultivated this habit to let it all out through my songs
But it's still inside

What could she say?
She just put up a straight face
and went with the flow
They still can’t see
She’s hurting
And when they felt like this
She was the one saying sorry

Tired red eyes
Been through a long night
Nothing's worse than not being able to open up
My words tend to be sharper than a knife

What could she say?
She just sat by a corner
Playing her guitar
She just needed to forget
Because they don’t care
She’s hurting
But their thoughts spoke
“She’ll come back and apologize again”

The only people I can relate to
Are the ones I read about
(But they’re just fiction)

The only way I see it
They don’t need me anymore
(I’m ready to go)

The only thing I yearned for
All my life was happiness and love
(The candles have all melted now)


The air filled with the feeling of life
The clouds unveil to show the rays of hope
The sounds of laughter and the visions of birds soaring through new heights
It’s like the land I stepped on started breathing once again
And the armour around me dissipated
What once was a gray sky, shines with rainbows
Time healed the badlands I used to live in
They were a mirror to the mind
I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath
But I’m like the new found freedom now
I don’t need to have more to feel better
I don’t need acceptance of strangers to smile
I took me a while to learn the difference
Between happiness and joy


The battles of yore
When you got me through
The scars of my past
You faded them too
The swords that flew by
Caused insurmountable pain
All the blood stained hands
You washed them away

Like the waves of the shore
You brought me to the sea
The battle hero’s welcome
Wasn’t as warm as the love you gave me
You took my hand
With a love filled smile
And filled my emptiness
With a world of epiphany

All I Need

Heard the news
My heart shattered inside
When your name was taken
Wished it was mine
All I can do now
Is pray that you get well
All I can try is
Joke from ten miles away
All I want is
To see that smile back on your face
All I want is you to be alright

On the verge of crying
I’m shuddering with fear
I’ll be ready to face death
So that I see you live
But all I can do now
Is pray I see you one day
All I can try is
Prank you from ten miles away
All I want is
To see you laugh again
All I want is you to be alright
All I need is you to be perfectly fine


I don’t know what to believe
I don’t know whether to cry or scream into a forest
I don’t want this to be the end
or even be a hindrance
Please end this as soon as you can

But am I the only one thinking this way
Am I the only one who wants to get back together again

I can’t talk cause I know I’d be tongue tied
In conversation
But I still want to let you know
I can’t let you go

So I hope this song reaches you
As the wind does to the mountain
As the rain that touches the ground from up above
Just to let you know
I love you too much to ever say goodbye

I wouldn’t say anger didn’t cross my mind
And you know how I can be when I’m pissed
But since that fateful day I’ve been choking on my tears
Pleading “end this as soon as you can”

So I hope this song reaches you
Like the leaves as they fall,
just to be a part of the tree again
I love you too much to ever say goodbye